See what our humanist weddings look like

humanist weddings on film

Our ceremonies through lenses of various filmmakers

You often ask us about films from our ceremonies. That's why we've gathered some of our favorite clips to share with you. Here you will see weddings conducted by various celebrants - in beautiful, outdoor locations. This is what your special ceremony can look like. Enjoy!

Humanist wedding of Cathryn and Marek conducted by Szymon

The film was made by Małe Białe. This is one of our favorite ceremonies. It took place in the manor in Tomaszowice. This wonderful Polish-English wedding was conducted by Szymon.

Humanist wedding of Agata and Maikel conducted by Joasia

Video by STB Film. A wedding conducted by Joanna in Polish and English, in full sun. The daughter of the Bride and Groom was present during the ceremony.

Humanist ceremony of Anna and Gerd conducted by Natalia

The film was made by See what this touching Polish-German ceremony looked like.

Polish-Scottish wedding of Ania and Cath

The sunny open air of Osada Młyńska, charming seats for Guests made of hay bundles and a bilingual humanist ceremony of two kindred spirits! Cath's Polish language certainly deserves recognition ????

See what the wedding looked like on the clip made by Bycze Filmy.