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We have delivered over five hundred ceremonies. Let's get to know each other!

Joanna Humerczyk - the founder

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In 2009, I heard about humanist weddings for the first time. The possibility of getting married on my own terms seemed like something necessary and very close to my heart. At that time there was simply no personal form of ceremony for non-practicing catholics and atheists in Poland. I liked the idea of humanist weddings a lot but I thought that there was no chance for us to popularize this phenomenon. However, I felt that I had to start changing things. Already in 2012, at the age of 20, I conducted my first wedding. Since then, the celebrants from our company have carried out a total of over 500 weddings!

Joanna Humerczyk

Our idea and goals

There is nothing more important than the couple

We want to meet your needs and show your Guests the love you two have. Passions, interests and plans you share. Our task is to fulfill the dreams of the Couple and deliver a ceremony tailor-made for them, while faithfully reflecting their personalities. This is our understanding of humanism. It means being focused on a person, and in this case - on two people.

Humanist wedding is for everyone

Our mission is to popularize humanist weddings so that as many Couples as possible can experience the most important day of their lives on their own terms. We want to reach out to all Couples who marry in church without actual conviction or in office, even though a civil ceremony is not enough for them. And, furthermore - we want to give LGBT Couples the opportunity to have a beautiful wedding. 

Nationwide media have also appreciated us - we conducted humanist weddings on television, and appeared in press. See the materials below:

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Meet our team
For them your needs always come first. Get to know them:

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Our media appearances

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