Find out what Couples who decided to have a humanist wedding think about us

Monika & Leo


Our humanist ceremony was conducted by Dominika, at Góra Gradowa in Gdańsk, and it was beautiful.

The guests were deeply moved, some even cried, and so did we. It was a truly beautiful and unique ceremony. And since love is female, the fact that Dominika could conduct it was wonderful for us. We wouldn't change anything, except maybe one thing - we would like to experience it again. Thank you very much!

Marysia & Krzysiek


No words can describe these emotions. The ceremony was a beautiful and touching event, full of excitement, smile and, above all, love. It definitely exceeded our expectations! Joanna made sure that we will never forget that day and its memory will be a wonderful part of our lives forever. We are grateful for your support, encouragement and professionalism and all of it with a pleasant, even family-like atmosphere. It was a fantastically personalized wedding - 200% perfect! Thank you!

Kasia & Oliwer


From our wedding day there is one moment most mentioned by our guests - it's the wedding ceremony, which was conducted by Szymon. He traveled a long way to get to us, all the way through half of Poland. He was well prepared, he implemented all our arrangements with 100% accuracy. He also introduced a peaceful atmosphere, thanks to which we practically did not stress at all so everything turned out beautifully and very natural. We wholeheartedly recommend a humanist ceremony.

| Ślub Humanistyczny

Monika & Markus

Thanks to Natalia our wedding day had a very personal and truly magical atmosphere. We are very grateful for all the work you put into our ceremony, you made it feel like a fairy tale... We can safely say that our wedding was perfect and exceeded our expectations.

| Ślub Humanistyczny

Martyna & Łukasz

We had a clear vision of our wedding from the very beginning. So we were not happy with the necessity to adapt to the clerical requirements. A humanist wedding was the only right solution and when we found the offer of Joanna Humerczyk - we knew that this was it. We got married in 2014, in Toruń, at the Artus Court, in a steampunk style. Joanna supported us through the process of organising everything and turned our crazy ideas into reality. We could also fully trust that everything would run smoothly, and that possible mishaps and setbacks would be quickly dealt with thanks to her experience. The best part is that we didn't have to make any compromises, and at the same time Joanna's professionalism took away most of the stress and uncertainty from our heads. So far, the entire ceremony is one of the best memories in our lives and among family and friends it grew to be a legendary event.